Training German Shepherds

If you are lucky enough to share your home with a German Shepherd, you
know they are extremely active dogs. Smart, bold and determined, they need
a lot of attention and exercise.  German Shepherds are also naturally
dominant dogs and need training to ensure that your dog is a happy, well-
adjusted member of your household.  It is essential that you must be able
to control your German Shepherd or he will control you.

So, what is the best way to train your German Shepherd? We are going to
share some important points, but before we get to that, here is the biggest
secret to training your German Shepherd….


Yep, that’s it, consistency.  Too often someone will get a German Shepherd
puppy and underestimate the amount of time needed to effectively train it.  
Training your dog is pretty straightforward, give him praise when he does
something you want, and correct him when he does something wrong.  Do
this over and over and eventually your German Shepherd will be trained.  In
essence, training your dog enhances the bond you share.  Effective training
establishes you as the leader of the pack, which makes your dog more
comfortable.  Promoting this natural rank can be accomplished by following
these teaching points. We will uncover the best ways to train your German
Shepherd to ensure a long, happy relationship.

First understand that your dogs’ behavior is largely governed by instinct and
it is up to you to temper that instinct with conditioned behavior through
human training.  This can be done by correctly establishing a social
hierarchy within your household from the first day you bring your German
Shepherd puppy home.  The hierarchy consists of an Alpha dog, which is
the dominant dog; the Alpha is then followed by the Beta dog, or second
banana, and so on. The Alpha dog is the supreme ruler of the pack;
dominant to all, submissive to none. The Beta dog is second in line for
dominance; so it logically follows that the Beta dog is submissive to the
Alpha but dominate above all others.  Finally, at the back of the pack, so to
speak, is the Omega dog, the dog that is dominant to none and submissive
to all.  The major point you must remember is that your German Shepherd
is happiest when he has an Alpha dog to give him firm, consistent
leadership.  But, it is also important to know that your German Shepherd is
instinctively wired to better his pack position, so you may experience
periods where he tests the boundaries, especially during training.  Your
German Shepherd may push your buttons by misbehaving and ignoring
commands you are sure he knows. This is normal and the best way to work
through it is with consistency and maintenance of the training program you
have established.

In the wild, the Alpha wolf decides where to hunt, when to hunt and where to
settle the pack.  The Alpha wolf always eats first after each kill and is the
unequivocal leader of his pack, no exceptions. He governs his pack in a firm
and fair way, with no exceptions to his law.

What does this mean to the training process? It means that if you are going
to effectively train your German Shepherd, you need to become the Alpha
dog of your pack. That will establish a proper relationship between you and
your dog from the start; he will bond to you more closely, more deeply and
work harder to please you, if he understands his relationship with you.

Now, there is a special situation that you should know regarding your pack
status.  Imagine this situation: You are a petite woman married to a man
who is 6’4” and who weighs 225 pounds. Can you possibly be the Alpha
dog? You might be your husband’s perhaps, but in the mind of the dogs,
probably not. Your husbands’ voice is most likely deeper and the
undetectable scent he gives off to the dogs, establishes him as the natural
pack leader.  So, are you doomed to Omega dog status? Definitely not!  You
can easily be Beta dog and establish your dominance over all the dogs in
your house, but you may have to work a little harder.  Similarly, it is essential
that any children in the house participate in the training of your German
Shepherd, as they also need to exercise their dominance.

This is just a small sample of the great teaching methods found in 'Training Your German Shepherd'.  Click here for a more detailed
information on
training German Shepherds.
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