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Rescue & Adoption: Why adult German Shepherds make better pets

When you have your heart set on bringing home a German Shepherd, there
are many ways to go about finding your new faithful companion. While
puppies are one of the most common approaches in selecting a German
Shepherd, they also take a great deal of patience to groom into the dog you
want by your side. Unfortunately, however irresistible a puppy may seem, it is
still a definite time, energy, and money commitment. That’s why adopting an
adoring adult German Shepherd might be a better option for you.

Housebreaking: Puppies are in need of serious potty training that requires an
ample amount of time and consistency. If you are unable to commit the
proper amount of attention to this aspect of puppy owning, a potty-trained
adult dog could make sure that your carpets stay fresh and clean. Once a
puppy begins to make it a practice to use the inside of the house as a
bathroom, it is quite difficult to get it out of the habit. To get an idea of how
long a puppy can actually hold its bladder, consider the following rule of
thumb: a puppy has the ability to hold his or her bladder for just one hour for
every month of its life.

So, if you have a 4-month puppy in your possession, he will need to empty his
bladder every four hours (including middle-of-the-night urges). This means
owners need to be equipped with patience and the willpower to walk their
puppy sometimes several times in a night. All of this is dependent upon his
or her ability to walk on a leash. Puppies need to be taught everything! But
with an adult dog, he or she comes with a fully developed bladder and doesn’
t need any training on how or when to use it. Many German Shepherd rescues
already know the ropes of being house-trained. When not housebroken,
teaching this important concept is a breeze with a more mature, less-
stubborn student.

Puppy Behavior: Just like an energetic toddler, puppies will still do things they
know are unacceptable just because of their age. They have no shame in the
game. Puppies can look into your eyes with an angelic stare just after they’ve
accomplished a devilish task in your bedroom. Clothing, shoes, newspaper,
telephones, carpeting, plants, and furniture are all at the mercy of even the
best mannered of puppies. These small bundles of joy can bring destruction
to a wide range of household items, including electrical cords, curtains, rugs,
and doors. They use their sharp teeth to eat, shred, and destroy anything they
can get into. This means owners have to stay on their toes to make sure not
only their property is safe, but also their puppy. Families with small children
should also reconsider bringing a puppy into the home environment.

German Shepherds in rescue centers or shelters are most often trained and
ready to enter your home with an acceptable level of respect and know-how.
Outfitted with a longer attention span, training your new dog will be a much
easier and quicker task to accomplish. Plus, shelter dogs are eager to
please. After all, you have chosen them to become part of your family. Do you
know how much loyalty lies in these circumstances?  Overall, an adult dog is
less demanding than a puppy, who prefers to be the constant center of
attention (whether it was their aim or not).

Personality: When you browse the adult dogs at a shelter or rescue center,
what you see is what you will bring home. The personalities of these dogs
shine through, calling out to your personal preferences. Since they have
already developed their personality, you can analyze whether or not their
characteristics will fit into your current home situation. Shelters and rescue
groups are also really competent at assessing the type of dogs they have on
the premises. This makes adoption much easier as you are able to see
which dogs can live with other dogs, get along with children, or even tolerate

Adult German Shepherd Adoption: When adopting an adult dog, you will
obtain a friend that will stand the test of time. Adopted dogs are filled with
appreciation and love with an instantaneous bond that often starts to build
after the first time you lay eyes on the dog. As they peer out of their cage, you
can almost hear them speaking to you. These dogs are not damaged goods.
Many candidates have recently gone through a hardship, such as losing their
previous owner to illness. Perhaps you are going through a difficult time as
well. What better friend to turn to than someone who has nothing but time to
provide comfort, entertainment, and companionship?

The loyalty and love between an adopted dog and their new owner/s will
continue to grow as time passes. When it comes to adopting a German
Shepherd adult dog, there are many people who pass this wonderful
opportunity to bring home a puppy. Unfortunately, this responsibility is not for
everyone and after the cuteness of the puppy face fades, many are returned
right back where they started. Sadly, 7 million adoptable pets are put to sleep
because they were unable to find a decent residence. When you choose the
satisfying experience of providing a good home to an adult dog, you will pave
a spectacularly rewarding path for others to follow.
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