German Shepherd Puppies
When you’ve made the decision to bring a new bundle of fur home, there many
different factors that sway your choice of puppy breed. If you are looking for a versatile
addition to your household, selecting a German Shepherd Puppy might be just the
thing you need to consider. When choosing a German Shepherd Puppy, you should
first conclude whether or not their personality will match your lifestyle.

Doing a little background research on the type of dog a German Shepherd Puppy will
turn into makes choosing a pup much easier. The German Shepherd breed is
known for its herding qualities and tends to walk ahead of their masters. The breed
possesses a loyal nature and is quite protective and intelligent.

A German Shepherd Puppy makes for a great search and rescue animal because of
its strong nose and tracking skills. They also become great seeing eye dogs. Their
training begins at a very young age. Regardless if the German Shepherd Puppy is
being groomed for service, they need regular exercise, a well balanced diet, and
mental stimulation.

The character and personality of a German Shepherd Puppy could make or break the
bond with your new pet. Choose a German Shepherd Puppy that is too shy or
nervous, and you might be heading towards future behavioral and training problems.
When a German Shepherd Puppy has reached the age when he or she may
accompany their new owner home, they should exhibit curiosity and inquisitiveness.
Sniffing around, alert eyes, and perky ears are just some of the signs a worthy
German Shepherd Puppy will display.

As you encounter a German Shepherd Puppy litter, paying attention to the actions
and behavior of the pups can help you choose a decent pet. New owners should stay
away from bringing home the aggressive German Shepherd Puppy of the litter.
Puppies who vie for your attention without the influence of other members of the litter
should be considered. A good German Shepherd Puppy candidate should allow you
to handle them without squirming about.

To get an idea of the type of character your German Shepherd Puppy may possess,
meeting the dogs responsible for the sire and birth is suggested. When a German
Shepherd Puppy comes from good stock, their parents have been OFA certified as
“good” or “excellent.” If you ignore the certifications of the parents, you may run the
risk of dealing with an assortment of future health problems, including hip concerns.
Additional details to request from German Shepherd Puppy breeders include hip and
elbow certifications, as well as obedience and conformation titles.

The physical attributes of a German Shepherd Puppy lie in the balance and angle of
their body shape. Typically, a German Shepherd Puppy lengthens out in their back
and loins rather then shortens like other dog breeds. When choosing your new
companion, it is suggested to check the balance and angles of the hind quarters.
German Shepherd Puppies exhibiting an imbalance will not grow into a proper
angulation as they get older.

When choosing a German Shepherd Puppy, all of the above considerations should
be taken into account.
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