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The German Shepherd Dog is handsome and very strong. Characterized by its great
adaptability and physical prowess, the German Shepherd Dog is respected, admired, and
utilized throughout the world. One of the most easily recognized and one of the most
popular of all breeds, it is admired for its versatility, intelligence, and beloved for its
devotion and loyalty to its owner. The German Shepherd breed  is also known as the

The color of the German Shepherd's coat varies but often comes in black with tan, sable
or all black. In the past white was not an acceptable color for the German Shepherd,
however they are now recognized as a separate breed, called the American White

Surprisingly, the German Shepherd dog has been in existence as a distinct breed for only
about 90 years. The breed traces its ancestors to a widely diverse group of sheep herding
and farm dogs in Germany. In the late 19th Century, informal breeding groups of sheep
herders banded together through a common interest in their dogs and attempted to
produce dogs with the desired working attributes.

German Shepherd Temperament:

In the past German Shepherds have often been used as working dogs. German
Shepherds are dauntless, alert, bold, obedient and eager to learn.

Because of a desire to have a family protector, many German Shepherd puppy buyers
think they need a  aggressive alpha dog -- not a good choice for a family. Sound German
Shepherd Dogs are naturally protective of their homes and families.

Puppies will begin to show a desire to warn of approaching strangers and an awareness
of  their family at about five or six months of age. German Shepherds have a very strong
protective instinct, so they should be extensively socialized to prevent over-guarding when
they are an adult.

Aggression and attacks on people are largely due to poor breeding, handling and training.
A well bred, well-adjusted, and trained dog is for the most part generally good with other
pets and great with children in the family. They must be firmly trained in obedience from
an early age.

German Shepherd Information

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